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Our products are Betaine, Sulfate & Silicone FREE !

Made with 98% ingredients of natural origin,

they are infused with the goodness of Argan oil, Olive oil, Jojoba seed oil, Macademia seed oil, Ginger Root, Orange, Peppermint, Lime pure essential oils, ECOCERT organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf juice and ECOCERT natural plant extracts that are soothing, moisturizing and kind to hair and skin.

The premium, safe, gentle yet effective non-toxic glucose, amino acid & fatty acid based surfactants make them perfect for everyday use. They are scented with pure essential oils and consistent usage leaves you with healthier skin, hair and scalp. Suitable for all hair types including color treated hair and all skin types, especially sensitive and problem skin.

Our formula does not contain Cocamidopropyl Betaine , Coco Betaine, Sodium Laureth Sulfate(SLES), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS) and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS)

For Healthy Skin, Hair & Scalp

Your skin is moisturized and smooth

Hair is stronger and not brittle

Relieves dandruff flakes and unusual hairfall


Product used: Ginger and Orange shampoo, conditioner and body wash
My scalp reacts to stress and the environment as much as the skin on my face and body. This product line resonates with me as I consider haircare just as important as skincare. With the absence of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), you will notice the shampoo is not super foaming but foaming enough if you wet your hair thoroughly before applying the shampoo. This shampoo is particularly effective if you do a double wash. First wash to remove dirt and sebum, and second wash to take advantage of the luxurious aromatherapy and sensation of the argan and other oils in the formulation.
The conditioner is mild and does its job of smoothing and softening the post-shampoo hair.
The body wash does what it is formulated for, to cleanse the body without any harsh ingredients. The scent is mild and lovely.

Siew Ling, using Ginger and Orange shampoo, conditioner and body washHouston, Texas

Absolutely love the peppermint & lime shampoo, conditioner & body wash.
I have oily scalp and my hair used to feel greasy by the second day after washing it. Tried all kinds of commercial and salons shampoo but nothing works. After just one wash with the peppermint & lime shampoo, I can immediately feel the result. My hair stays non greasy even on the 3rd day & my hair loss has also reduced significantly.
The conditioner leave my hair feeling smooth & soft.
The body wash is very moisturizing leaving my skin feeling clean & smooth.
I love the mild scent in all the 3 products and the fragrance is not overwhelming. This is a result of using pure essential oils as one of their ingredient.

York Kin, using peppermint & lime shampoo, conditioner & body wash.Kuala Lumpur

When I first shampoo my hair with the Ginger Orange shampoo, there wasn't any foam. Then I shampoo my hair the second time. This round,the foam was so,so much & light. They are really light!!!! I think the first round of washing has removed the heavy chemical spray from my hair.
After using conditioner, I felt like I just had a hair treatment. It makes my hair soft. My hair is light, fluffy & big when I woke up hahahah! I just needed some ointment to styled the hair.
Body shampoo is just fabulous! I used the word fabulous. They are light, soft just like having milk bath! Gentle & nice!
I woke up the next morning with the lingering smell of Ginger Orange! And my skin still feel smooth in the morning even though I did not apply body lotion.
Another thing is the light lather flows away with the water quickly without clogging up the drainge and flood the bathroom the floor.
Thank you for offering such good natural products that will also help the environment, especially when the water flows into the ground and out to the sea.

Tan Soo Suan, using Ginger Orange hair shampoo & body washPenang

I washed my hair with Ginger and Orange shampoo recently, followed by the conditioner. Subsequently followed by the Body wash. Would like to share my wonderful experiences as follows:
1) Surprisingly with just two small pumps, there was enough lather/foam. Second shampooing with same small pumps of shampoo still produced satifying lather.
2) The conditioner was really a wonder! Hair was so manageable. Almost effortless when I run my fingers through my hair. Was as though a layer of protective film was formed.
3) Now, the blow dry part was the best. So very easy to blow dry. Brush just glide through the hair, soft soft soft. 😜 Almost had to grip hold of brush as it slides off the hair.
4) When drying hair with towel, noticed hair drop was quite minimal.
5) Body Wash - Definitely not as much lather as those of other brands BUT did just as good a job. Just love the smell of it, wonderful combination - Ginger and Orange.
6) When rinsing hair, noticed that the water actually flowed down the pipe quite easily. Not hindered by large amount of foam created.
I enjoy the silky smooth hair and skin.
Kudos to Senseniquenatural for offering such fantastic products. Cheers

Maggie, using Ginger and Orange hair shampoo and conditionerKuala Lumpur

I find the Peppermint Lime shampoo has quite a lot of lather , more than what I expected. Nice smell, not too over whelming. My hair felt smooth and not stiff even without using conditioner.
Second hair wash with conditioner felt even smoother . Liked the texture which is easy to wash away, not like the normal conditioner that stays on even after rinsing with a lot of water. Am most happy that it has no chemical smell and those artificial fragrance.
Body wash felt nice and easy to wash away, not like some after washing still can feel the gel sticking on the skin.
I even tried applying it on my face and did not feel any skin tightening sensation nor itchiness.

Chee Eng Saan, using Peppermint Lime hair shampoo and conditionerKuala Lumpur