Siew Ling, using Ginger and Orange shampoo, conditioner and body washHouston, Texas

Product used: Ginger and Orange shampoo, conditioner and body wash
My scalp reacts to stress and the environment as much as the skin on my face and body. This product line resonates with me as I consider haircare just as important as skincare. With the absence of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), you will notice the shampoo is not super foaming but foaming enough if you wet your hair thoroughly before applying the shampoo. This shampoo is particularly effective if you do a double wash. First wash to remove dirt and sebum, and second wash to take advantage of the luxurious aromatherapy and sensation of the argan and other oils in the formulation.
The conditioner is mild and does its job of smoothing and softening the post-shampoo hair.
The body wash does what it is formulated for, to cleanse the body without any harsh ingredients. The scent is mild and lovely.

York Kin, using peppermint & lime shampoo, conditioner & body wash.Kuala Lumpur

Absolutely love the peppermint & lime shampoo, conditioner & body wash.
I have oily scalp and my hair used to feel greasy by the second day after washing it. Tried all kinds of commercial and salons shampoo but nothing works. After just one wash with the peppermint & lime shampoo, I can immediately feel the result. My hair stays non greasy even on the 3rd day & my hair loss has also reduced significantly.
The conditioner leave my hair feeling smooth & soft.
The body wash is very moisturizing leaving my skin feeling clean & smooth.
I love the mild scent in all the 3 products and the fragrance is not overwhelming. This is a result of using pure essential oils as one of their ingredient.

Tan Soo Suan, using Ginger Orange hair shampoo & body washPenang

When I first shampoo my hair with the Ginger Orange shampoo, there wasn't any foam. Then I shampoo my hair the second time. This round,the foam was so,so much & light. They are really light!!!! I think the first round of washing has removed the heavy chemical spray from my hair.
After using conditioner, I felt like I just had a hair treatment. It makes my hair soft. My hair is light, fluffy & big when I woke up hahahah! I just needed some ointment to styled the hair.
Body shampoo is just fabulous! I used the word fabulous. They are light, soft just like having milk bath! Gentle & nice!
I woke up the next morning with the lingering smell of Ginger Orange! And my skin still feel smooth in the morning even though I did not apply body lotion.
Another thing is the light lather flows away with the water quickly without clogging up the drainge and flood the bathroom the floor.
Thank you for offering such good natural products that will also help the environment, especially when the water flows into the ground and out to the sea.

Maggie, using Ginger and Orange hair shampoo and conditionerKuala Lumpur

I washed my hair with Ginger and Orange shampoo recently, followed by the conditioner. Subsequently followed by the Body wash. Would like to share my wonderful experiences as follows:
1) Surprisingly with just two small pumps, there was enough lather/foam. Second shampooing with same small pumps of shampoo still produced satifying lather.
2) The conditioner was really a wonder! Hair was so manageable. Almost effortless when I run my fingers through my hair. Was as though a layer of protective film was formed.
3) Now, the blow dry part was the best. So very easy to blow dry. Brush just glide through the hair, soft soft soft. 😜 Almost had to grip hold of brush as it slides off the hair.
4) When drying hair with towel, noticed hair drop was quite minimal.
5) Body Wash - Definitely not as much lather as those of other brands BUT did just as good a job. Just love the smell of it, wonderful combination - Ginger and Orange.
6) When rinsing hair, noticed that the water actually flowed down the pipe quite easily. Not hindered by large amount of foam created.
I enjoy the silky smooth hair and skin.
Kudos to Senseniquenatural for offering such fantastic products. Cheers

Chee Eng Saan, using Peppermint Lime hair shampoo and conditionerKuala Lumpur

I find the Peppermint Lime shampoo has quite a lot of lather , more than what I expected. Nice smell, not too over whelming. My hair felt smooth and not stiff even without using conditioner.
Second hair wash with conditioner felt even smoother . Liked the texture which is easy to wash away, not like the normal conditioner that stays on even after rinsing with a lot of water. Am most happy that it has no chemical smell and those artificial fragrance.
Body wash felt nice and easy to wash away, not like some after washing still can feel the gel sticking on the skin.
I even tried applying it on my face and did not feel any skin tightening sensation nor itchiness.

On Lily, using Ginger Orange shampoo and conditionerKuala Lumpur

I tried the Ginger Orange shampoo. It lathers easily and has a rich feel. 1st and 2nd wash, the hair felt slightly stiff and rough. But after that, hair becomes very light and scalp is not oily anymore. And I found that my hair dropped less with each washing! And the conditioner helped to manage the hair easily after shampoo.

Lylian Dwarkasing, using handmade soapsKuala Lumpur

I absolutely LOVE your soaps. Finally, I found something for my face that cleans well and does not dry my skin.

Eugenie Ong, using peppermint and ginger soapsPetaling Jaya

Love the peppermint and ginger soap. Doesn't leave my skin dry like other commercial soaps. It's invigorating, refreshing and leaves me with that cooling feel. I used it on my face as well. That's why I love it, double up as face and body soap.

Alice Kho, using handmade soapsSubang Jaya

I like natural soaps and tried Sensenique Natural when I was introduced to it by a friend. I like it very much because it is so moisturizing that it leaves my skin smooth and soft. Bathing with normal soaps or liquid bath leaves my skin tight and dry. I am glad that for a natural soap, Sensenique Natural handmade soaps are reasonably priced and many people can start to enjoy the benefits of natural soaps.

Grace, using Lemongrass OrangeKedah

Loved the freshness of the Lemongrass, at the time of use I was having a rash of some sort and when I was using this soap it reduced the irritation!

Vanessa, using Cinnamon & CoffeeKedah

I love the cinnamon scent, it left my skin feeling smooth and natural.

Giselle, using Cinnamon & CoffeeKedah

I have very sensitive skin when it comes to soaps due to my eczema – I enjoy using Sensenique because it did not irritate my skin.

Simonetta Roma, using handmade soapsKuala Lumpur

My daughter started developing some kind of eczema on her arm recently. We tried many different creams to ease the itchiness and redness but none of them work. I never used any type of "natural soaps" since I don't really believe anything can be "natural" but Faith, the owner of Sensenique Natural, proved me wrong. She introduced me to her products and since we started using Sensenique Natural soaps, the "eczema" has totally dried up.
My girl shows me her arm almost every day to prove that she's been using the soap on a regular basis. Previously we were using a leading brand of baby bath and body wash but that seemed to worsen the problem. We stopped using it and no more itchiness nor redness. I so believe in this product very much, to the point that I became a supplier in my area. This product really works, and makes the skin feel moist and clean, without irritating it!

Kelly Wong, using handmade soapKuala Lumpur

I have sensitive skin that breaks out into rashes easily. I am also allergy to mosquito bite. Doctors advised me to stop using chemical processed skin care products and use natural skin care product. Hence, I am very particular when it comes to choosing my soap.
I am grateful that I found Sensenique Natural handmade soap. After trying out the handmade soap, my skin feels smoother and moisturised. I am not only using the handmade natural soap for my body, I also use it for my hair. I am going to try it on my face too. Nowadays I don’t travel without my handmade natural soap.

BW Gan, using handmade soapKuala Lumpur

I have sensitive skin and recently suffered from skin allergy. Friends have introduced me to some homemade natural soap but that did not help. I have no choice but to use prescribed medicated soap until I was introduced to Sensenique Natural handmade soap. It has helped my skin to heal and I like the moisturising and smooth feeling after bath. Now, my whole family is using Sensenique Natural soap

Liza Zakaria, using handmade soapShah Alam

I was recently introduced to Sensenique Natural handmade soap. I tried both Lemongrass Orange and Cinnamon Coffee soap and I liked them very much. I used both for my face and body. The after bath feeling is refreshing and my skin feels thoroughly clean, smooth and moisturised. I like the idea of natural coffee and cinnamon scrub as well as the mild sweet scent of cinnamon coffee and refreshing lemongrass orange. Not over powering but feels just right.
As a result of this, I have decided to sell this range of soaps to benefit more people. I want to share my experiences with my friends and encourage more people to use natural soaps.

Amelia Tan, using handmade soapKajang

I usually feel tightness in my skin after bathing and there is some kind of itchiness. I was told it is because of the soap I am using. So, I have tried many types of soap - even the ones with neutral pH. I do not feel any difference using those soaps.
However, when I started using Sensenique Natural handmade soap, I feel that my skin is not so dry any more and the feeling of tightness is gone. Now I even use it on my face! My face and body feel moisturised after using the soap.

Jeannie Teo, using handmade soapPetaling Jaya

This is my first time using a natural soap. Though the scent of lemongrass overwhelmed the tangy orange, I like the product very much. It is kinder to skin as it didn’t cause any skin irritation. It cleans well and is moisturizing.

Lim, using handmade soapKlang

I stand for long hours at work everyday and I have been suffering from sweaty feet for sometime now. Rashes will form on my feet and this is accompanied by itchiness. Medicated cream and lotion did not help. It was a great relieve when I started to bathe with Sensenique Natural soaps. It has helped heal my feet problem after bathing with this soap for less than 3 baths. The rashes and itchiness have gone off.

Yi Yun, using handmade soapSelangor

我能接触sensenique 纯天然手工肥皂是起源于我身边的一位女生朋友。
(My friend introduced me to Sensenique Natural handmade soaps. She shared with me her good experiences and encouraged me to try. I tried and I liked the soaps. It is refreshing, moisturising and kind to the skin. I have also shared the soaps with my family and relatives.)

Ms Nurul Atiqa, used Peppermint & Lime Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash, Aug 2019Kuala Lumpur

“ I felt minty fresh after applying the shampoo. My head felt light instantly! (as a women wearing hijab i need this!) I also felt less itchy.
As for Conditioner.. normally the "smoothness" only last during rinse off. But not Sensenique's conditioner! After drying my hair, it still feel smooth & fresh!
The best part! My kids love it... my 6yr old daugther said she felt fresh and enjoyed the after shower freshness and smell. There was one moment the bubbles went into her eyes and she was surprised that her eyes didn’t hurt, unlike other commercial shampoos.
She also has minor eczema on her legs. After using the body wash, her skin has less redness and is smoother. So thumbs up from my kids & me!! I am glad that I gave Sensenique a try!

Ms Jeannie Teo, used Ginger Orange shampoo, Aug 2019Petaling Jaya

“ I used ginger orange shampoo recently and I would say the scent is refreshing. The ginger scent is not too overwhelming. The combination of the 2 is just right. Highly recommended.”

CarolinePuchong, Selangor 17Sept19

Ever since I started using your Ginger & Orange Shampoo and Conditioner I've found my hair strands are stronger & a little thicker. The itchiness has reduced a lot. My teenage son finds the shampoo good, reducing his dandruff. Kudos to you all for these great, natural products. Am really grateful!

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